What is the duration for publishing an article?

The average time required to complete the peer-review process is 21 days and for publishing any article is minimum of 45 working days. Because of review process and author proof editing.

What is the publication charge for an article?

Each article has different minimum publication charge visit Journal Home Page. Due to graphic designing, maintenance and licencing. Moreover, we are publishing more than 25+ different types of article like research article, review article, case report, etc.

Whether invited authors need to pay the publication charge?

Yes, reasonable discounts will be provided depending upon the quality of the manuscript. Open Access Journal solely depends on the authors like you to pay the publication charges once the article gets accepted. Since we have invited you for submission, reasonable discounts will be provided depending upon the quality of the manuscript.

If i don’t have funding to pay for the publication fees, what shall I do?

Minimum publication charge should be shared among the co-authors. Being a non-profit organization, we cannot waive off the publication charges for all articles.

Is it possible to do corrections in manuscript?

Yes, if it’s a minor correction it is allowed. If its major corrections, Review process will be repeated. Minor correction will be approved by reviewer; Major corrections will be reviewed by editor and forwarded to reviewer.

When can i do corrections?

Major corrections must be done before review process, minor correction is allowed at final author proof after notifying editor. The flow of the manuscript understanding must not be disturbed.

Is it possible to do corrections in published article?

No, corrections are strictly prohibited in published article. Because it has been approved by editor after review process done by reviewers as well as you in final author proof.

What shall I do if I have corrections in published article?

You have to write another commentary or critical review for that particular published article. Due to publishing ethics of open access statement.

Is it possible to withdraw a manuscript?

Yes, manuscript can be withdrawn by author at any time before publishing. Author has full rights of their work before publishing.

Do i need to pay withdrawal fee?

It depends on the time of withdrawal.

  1. There is no charge before review process.
  2. In between review process 35% will be charged.
  3. After review process 55% will be charged.
  4. After editing process 75% will be charged.
  5. In the time of final author proof 95% will be charged.

Because of the effort and time invested by the scientific community as well as for the payed employee who co-ordinated and worked.